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Improve your stay by booking direct with one of our special offers, packages or rates. Our Lowest Price Promise - Save time and save money on your stay: you will always get the lowest price when you book direct with us.

Hotel Excelsior

Mariánské Lázně Spa Treatment

To lead an active and healthy lifestyle is the best way for us to constantly improve our health.

The Elixir of Love

Enjoy special moments in life such as honeymoon or a wedding anniversary in the romantic setting of Mariánské Lázně.

Metabolic Vital & Aktiv

Let us introduce you a Metabolic Vital package.Vital Metabolic & Aktiv stay is highly effective in the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Chateau Monty SPA Resort

Elixir of health

Are you exhausted and do you need to get a better mood? You can experience unforgettable moments of well-being and a unique spa atmosphere.

Smell of chocolate

Enjoy lots of chocolate without feeling guilty – you can never get fat in this way! Besides tasting great, chocolate also enhances your mood, acts against stress,....