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Ing. Marián Rapáč, MSc., MBA, Ph.D.
Managing Director

Before he began to work for GALA HOTELS, s. r. o. Marián worked, for example, as a sales and marketing regional director responsible for five hotels in Mariánské Lázně. Besides hotel industry he has also studied marketing communication and economics and graduated in teaching in the Czech Republic and tourism and event management abroad. He is currently pursuing further studies of marketing.

Tel.: +420 354 619 480, E-mail: marian.rapac,galahotels,cz




Iva Růžičková
Sales Manager

Iva went to the Hotel School in Mariánské Lázně, which is why she has a close relation to hotel industry and tourism. She has worked in business managerial positions for many years. She specialises in MICE tourism and group tourism. Iva is responsible for GALA HOTELS’ business development and projects such as Kids World.

Tel.: +420 354 619 440, E-mail: iva.ruzickova,galahotels,cz




Kateřina Zbíralová
Financial Manager

Kateřina manages the accounting and economic department as the company’s Financial Manager and checks the output reports for accounting. She has several years of experience in the area of taxes and accounting. She is an expert on different types of accounting and cost sheet standards and methods and on Czech accounting regulations. Before starting with GALA HOTELS, s. r. o. she worked as an economic department manager for more than ten years.

Tel.: +420 354 619 401, E-mail: ekonom,galahotels,cz




Jaroslava Kalová
Junior Financial Managera


Tel.: +420 354 697 240, E-mail: provoz,galahotels,cz


Věra Hlaváčková
HR Manager


Tel.: +420 354 619 449, E-mail: personalni,galahotels,cz


Zuzana Fiury
F&B Manager

She began her career with her previous employer in the F&B departments of the Excelsior Hotel and gradually she worked her way up to the post of the hotel’s Restaurant Manager. She studied gastronomy and later also economics. Based on her excellent results and experience with managing the team of GALA HOTELS, s. r. o. she accepted the offer to become the F&B Manager of the Excelsior Hotel and is currently a member of the management team of the Chateau Monty SPA Resort ****, whose main task is to achieve the same hotel services quality as the best hotels in Mariánské Lázně.

Tel.: +420 354 697 240,  E-mail: zuzana.fiury,galahotels,cz



Ing. Tereza Mirvaldová
F&B Manager


Tel.: +420 354 619 402, E-mail: provoz2,galahotels,cz



Dominika Novozámská
F&B Manager


Tel.: +420 354 619 402, E-mail: provoz3,galahotels,cz



Gabriela Chvalová
F&B Manager


Tel.: +420 354 619 402, E-mail: provoz.monty,galahotels,cz


Daniela Čechová
Front office Manager


Tel.: +420 354 697 111,  E-mail: daniela.cechova,galahotels,cz




Dagmar Povondrová
Wellness Manager


Tel.: +420 354 697 111,  E-mail: balneo,galahotels,cz


Martina Slavíčková
Wellness Manager


Tel.: +420 354 619 111,  E-mail: spa,galahotels,cz