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Activity-Vitality Programme


Permanent good health, vitality and youthful beauty are a dream which has existed since the dawn of human thinking. Too much stress, lack of movement, poor-quality sleep, and wrong eating habits are factors which accelerate the biological anti-aging process. Targeted anti-aging interventions can successfully slow the aging process in both men and women.

  • You activate the cells in your muscles, liver, brain and vessels through a movement programme tailored to your needs.
  • You boost your metabolism by targeted nutrition and nutrient-based medical intervention, which further improve the metabolism of the activated cells.
  • You permanently slow your biological aging process by acting on our recommendations about your lifestyle, focusing on movement, nutrition, stress management and sleep.

Your anti-aging 2 weeks:

  • entrance and final medical examination
  • indication of Mariánské Lázně’s therapeutic drinking cure by a physician
  • regular consultations with medical and health personnel
  • 34 medical and relaxation treatments per person per stay
     - 8x partial back massage with skin care blends of natural oils
     - 4x gold clay body wrap (therapeutic, restorative and anti-aging effect)
     - 4x reflexology foot massage with hemp oil
     - 6x bath with salt from the Dead Sea
     - 4x oxygen therapy (Inhalation of oxygen-enriched air increases energy and performance and increases power reserves as well as the ability
            to concentrate, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system).
     - 4x dry CO2 bath (Improves blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the healing of wounds and positively affects
            kidney  function. CO2 stimulates the production of sex hormones, and therefore has successfully been used to improve sexual function
            in men and alleviate menopausal symptoms in women.)
     - 4x inhalations (Active substances from the Forest mineral spring which help with respiratory diseases are inhaled.)
  • possibility of renting Nordic walking sticks for leisure activities
  • spa fee
  • free internet at Churchill's Pub & Restaurant, and within the entire hotel
  • free use of bathrobe and slippers during the stay
  • unlimited access to the swimming pool with salt water Roman baths and gym at the chain Hotel Chateau Monty daily from 07:00 to 11:30, and from 12:30 to 21:00
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